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Commercial Comprehensive Program

The Commercial Comprehensive Program is designed to facilitate the incorporation of projects involving installation of energy-saving equipment or implementation of energy saving measures for which a specific prescriptive rebate is not available. For this program, EPE will accept projects for systems in new or existing facilities from customers located within EPE’s New Mexico service territory.

Rebates will be based on measured kW and kWh savings. The table below displays the rebate amounts:

Incentive Amount for Commercial Comprehensive Program ($/kWh)

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Select a contractor for your project or schedule an energy assessment. These contractors have participated in EPE’s rebate program in the past and are in good standing. However, EPE does not recommend any particular contractor over another. You may select a contractor from this list or another contractor of your choosing.

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Interested customers should contact EPE directly. To contact an EPE representative: El Paso Electric Company

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