Guest Room HVAC Energy Management

  • Reduce wasteful HVAC consumption 35-45%; save up to $100 per room each year
  • Return on Investment (ROI) of 50-60%, and potential payback of approximately 2 years or under
  • Determine physical presence of people in rooms by detecting infrared body heat or alternative occupancy sensing controls
  • Provide people complete control of room environment while in the room
  • Take control when people leave the room, and reset temperature to energy conserving levels
  • Can connect to any HVAC system, including PTACs, split systems, and fan coil units of any voltage
Consider the following facts:
  • Most hoteliers and school administrators realize that the cost of energy is one of the highest costs of operations, usually second only to payroll
  • Unrented hotel rooms are empty 100% of the time (except for housekeeping staff)
  • Rented rooms are empty 60% of the time while guests are out sightseeing, making sales calls, on the beach, in meetings, at the pool, or in the restaurant
  • University dorm rooms and classrooms are not occupied a large percentage of the normal school day and the school year
  • HVAC units continue to operate in unoccupied rooms at temperatures selected previously, wasting energy dollars not required by guests or students

How does HVAC Energy Management save energy dollars?

HVAC Energy Management controls use an occupancy sensing system that restricts HVAC operation in empty rooms. The occupant has full control of the normal HVAC thermostat while in the room. An internal secondary thermostat resets room temperature to a comfortable, management selected, energy conserving level while people are out of the room. Operation is totally automatic and does not rely on human intervention by staff or management for proper operation and continued energy savings. Other tangible benefits include increased HVAC life, reduced maintenance, and reduced replacement costs.

The premise of HVAC Energy Management is simple:

If a room is vacant for a specified time, turn off or set the temperature to more energy conserving levels as predetermined by management resulting in reduced operating costs.

Available only to commercial customers in El Paso Electric’s New Mexico service area.

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