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Did you know that heating and cooling account for the majority of your monthly energy bill? If your household isn’t properly insulated, chances are that much of the cold and warm air is escaping and taking your money with it.

The EPESaver Residential Insulation Rebate Program can help you reduce energy spending and use by improving the energy efficiency of your home. The Program provides cash incentives for insulation improvements in your ceiling and floors. Rebates are calculated according to the level of insulation improvements that you make.

The Knowledge You Need.

Available only to residential customers in El Paso Electric’s New Mexico service area.

Insulation levels are measured by R-Value. Simply put, the higher the R-value, the higher the level of insulation. Rebates are calculated according to the difference between your existing R-Values and minimum levels required by the program. The required improvements and existing conditions are specified in the tables below.

NOTE: New Construction projects are NOT eligible to receive a rebate. Home MUST be cooled by refrigerated air conditioning or heated with electric resistance heat to qualify for ceiling insulation rebates. Homes cooled by refrigerated air conditioning and evaporative cooling are eligible for floor insulation rebates.

MUST include post pictures of insulation area and indicate installed R-value. Pre photos are also recommended but a project invoice detailing pre R-value may be substituted. MUST include a copy of dated receipt or contractor invoice that details all installed insulation including installed R-value and treated square footage.

Required Improvement Levels
Insulation Type Required Installed Condition
Ceiling Insulation R-30
Floor Insulation R-19
Required Existing Condition
Insulation Type Required Existing Condition
Ceiling Insulation R-22 or Lower
Floor Insulation No Existing Insulation

Participation Made Easy.

1. Select a contractor of your choice.

2. Customers may also elect to pursue an EPESaver Insulation rebate without the help of a contractor.

3. Once new insulation has been installed, the EPESaver Insulation rebate form must be completed online or mailed along with a copy of your receipt or invoice to the rebate processing center address. The rebate form can be accessed using one of the options at the bottom of this webpage.

4. Your rebate will be mailed directly to you. Rebate checks will be mailed within 4-6 weeks of receiving the application.

To calculate your existing R-value use a ruler to measure the thickness of your existing insulation. Use an R-value of 3 for each inch of existing insulation. So if you have 4 inches of insulation, your starting R-value is R-12. (4 inches x R-3 per inch = R-12)

Rebate Calculation Example: An electric-heated house with refrigerated air conditioning that has 1,500 square feet of 1 inch of existing ceiling insulation is upgraded to R-30. The starting R-value is R-3 (1 inches x R-3 per inch = R-3).
Estimated Rebate = 1,500 x $0.55/Sqft = $825

Rebate Amounts for Ceiling Insulation by R-Value and Heat Type
Heat Pump
R-0 $0.10 $1.05 $0.61
R-1 to R-4 $0.07 $0.55 $0.32
R-5 to R-8 $0.03 $0.35 $0.20
R-9 to R-14 $0.03 $0.17 $0.09
R-15 to R-22 $0.01 $0.06 $0.03

Ceiling Insulation Rebate Calculator (Coming Soon)

Rebate Amounts for Floor Insulation by Home Type and Heat Type
Heat Type Site Built Home ($/Sqft) Manufactured Home ($/Sqft)
Electric Resistance $0.30 $0.26
Heat Pump $0.10 $0.10

Floor Insulation Rebate Calculator (Coming Soon)

Find a Service Provider

Select a service provider for your project or schedule an energy assessment. These service providers have participated in EPE’s rebate program in the past and are in good standing. However, EPE does not recommend any particular service provider over another. You may select a service provider from this list or another service provider of your choosing.

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After registering and confirming your email address, please select the “Customer” option in the profile wizard.

You will need digital copies of your invoice or receipt and additional documentation on the work performed.

Apply by Mail

Please mail any rebate applications to the EPE Rebate Processing Center. Make sure to include a copy of your receipt or invoice.

EPESaver Rebate Center

1515 S Capital of Texas Hwy Suite 110 Austin, TX 78746

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Rebates are issued on a first come, first served basis until funding is exhausted or the program is changed. EPE reserves the right to adjust programs at any time. All rebates are subject to approval by the Program Manager.

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Save time and fill out your rebate application online. Click “Apply Now” to get started!

Apply by Mail

Please mail any rebate applications to the EPE Rebate Processing Center. Make sure to include a copy of your receipt or invoice.