Residential Lighting Program

You can now enjoy lower prices on LED lightbulbs courtesy of El Paso Electric at the following fine retailers.

Participating Retailers
*Select locations, while supplies last.
Retailer Street Address City ZIP Phone
Ace Hardware* 4501 N Valley Dr Las Cruces 88007 575-525-2446
Batteries Plus Bulbs 2240 E Lohman, Unit 3 Las Cruces 88001 575-525-2355
Dollar Tree* 1265 El Paseo Rd Las Cruces 88001 575-323-6164
Dollar Tree* 1701 E University Ave, #2 Las Cruces 88001 575-522-3223
Dollar Tree* 2190 N Main St Las Cruces 88001 575-541-0940
Haydens Hardware* 1210 Foster Rd Las Cruces 88001 575-522-7220
Home Depot 225 N Telshor Blvd Las Cruces 88011 575-521-1327
Jim’s Supermarket* 150 W Hall Street Hatch 87937 575-267-5591
Lowe’s 3200 North Main Street Las Cruces 88001 575-541-5572
Salvation Army* 220 E Idaho Ave Las Cruces 88005 575-524-4713
Sam’s Club 2711 North Telshor Blvd Las Cruces 88011 575-521-7858
St. Vincent De Paul* 580 S. Valley Dr Las Cruces 88005 575-526-1129
Stire’s Supermarket* 304 McCombs Rd Chaparral 88081 575-824-0028
Target 2541 E Lohman Ave, Ste A Las Cruces 88011 575-532-5899
True Value (Sun Valley Hardware #3)* 3567 South Main St Mesilla Park 88047 575-647-3648
Walgreens* 1256 El Paseo Rd Las Cruces Nm Las Cruces 88001 575-525-8713
Walgreens* 2300 E Lohman Ave Las Cruces Nm Las Cruces 88001 575-647-2506
Walgreens* 2700 W Picacho Ave Las Cruces Nm Las Cruces 88007 575-523-0833
Walgreens* 3100 N Main St Las Cruces Nm Las Cruces 88001 575-525-0298
Walgreens* 3375 Rinconada Blvd Las Cruces Nm Las Cruces 88011 575-382-9100
Walgreens* 3990 E Lohman Ave Las Cruces Nm Las Cruces 88011 575-522-1457
Walmart 150 N Sonoma Ranch Blvd Las Cruces 88001 575-323-6098
Walmart 1550 South Valley Drive Las Cruces 88005 575-523-4924
Walmart 3331 Rinconada Blvd Las Cruces 88012 575-680-3772
Walmart 571 S Walton Blvd Las Cruces 88001 575-525-1222

What you need to know about Lumens

Lumens measure actual bulb brightness. Watts measure the amount of electricity a bulb needs to work. Modern ENERGY STAR® certified bulbs provide the same brightness (lumens) with less energy (watts). So focus on lumens for long-term savings, selecting the light output that matches your old incandescent bulbs.

Brightness 450+ Lumens 800+ Lumens 1100+ Lumens 1600+ Lumens
LED 5W 10W 15W 19W
CFL 10W 13W 16W 20W
Standard 40W 60W 75W 100W

The perfect light for your room! Not only can modern ENERGY STAR® certified bulbs give you long-term energy bill savings, they also are available in a wide range of colors, making it easy to create the perfect ambiance in your home or office. Light color matches a temperature on the Kelvin scale. Lower Kelvin means warmer, yellowish light, while higher Kelvin means cooler, bluer white light.

  • Warm or Soft White: 2,700 – 3,000 Kelvin
  • Neutral or Cool White: 3,500 – 4,100 Kelvin
  • Sunlight or Daylight: 5,000 – 6,500 Kelvin

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