Water Conservation Measures

Rebates are available to El Paso Electric’s New Mexico commercial customers for installation of low-flow aerators, showerheads, and pre-rinse spray valves. Installing water conservation equipment will reduce energy use and increase electric water heating performance.

Eligibility Requirements

The following documentation must be provided to qualify for a rebate:

  • Photo of water heater nameplate demonstrating electric water heating (customers with gas water heaters are not eligible to participate)
  • Project invoice specifying total counts of installed measures
  • Documentation of product flow rate (GPM)
  • Example photo of baseline equipment
  • Example photo of installed equipment
  • Customer must keep baseline equipment on site for potential utility inspector review (up to 20 units for large projects) for 30 days

NOTE to Contractors: When installing faucet aerators in the following building types (hospital, nursing home, hospitality), you must install a 0.5 GPM aerator. 1.0 GPM aerators are not eligible to be installed in these building types.

Rebate Amounts
Product Type Flow Rate (GPM) Rebate Amount ($/unit)
Faucet Aerator
(Hospital, Nursing Home, and Hotel/Motel building types)
0.5 $5
1.0 Not eligible
Faucet Aerator
(All other building types)
0.5 $15
1.0 $10
Low-Flow Showerhead 1.5 $35
2.0 $20
Pre-Rinse Spray Valve
1.1 $26
1.25 $26
Pre-Rinse Spray Valve
(All other building types)
1.1 $125
1.25 $125

Find a Service Provider

Select a service provider for your project or schedule an energy assessment. These service providers have participated in EPE’s rebate program in the past and are in good standing. However, EPE does not recommend any particular service provider over another. You may select a service provider from this list or another service provider of your choosing.

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After registering and confirming your email address, please select the “Customer” option in the profile wizard.

You will need digital copies of your invoice or receipt and additional documentation on the work performed.

Apply by Email

Rebates can also be submitted by email.

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Rebates are issued on a first come, first served basis until funding is exhausted or the program is changed. EPE reserves the right to adjust programs at any time. All rebates are subject to approval by the Program Manager.

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Save time and fill out your rebate application online. Click “Apply Now” to get started!

Apply by Mail

Please mail any rebate applications to the EPE Rebate Processing Center. Make sure to include a copy of your receipt or invoice.